Condo’s & Cafe’s

My blog may not be about dating, but today it is going to be about where to go on an amazing date and eat amazing food. For all you men who read my blog, I found (wait a second…no I didn’t…I got taken on the best date ever, without having to plan a thing so actually it was not me at all) but there is the best hidden gem in Waterloo. As many of you have maybe gathered already from my writing, I HATE chain restaurants. I think they’re a waste of money, a huge waste of calories and quite frankly a waste of my time when there are so many cute, little cafés and diners just waiting to be found. Be adventurers and try out hole in the wall restaurants, I would say 95% of the time you will absolutely love them, and the food will be incredible. Along with chain restaurants, I also don’t like chain anything. I’d much rather shop in a quaint downtown then in a mall, eat in a little café, and watch a movie in an old unique theater. And that’s just what we did last night.


To start the date off I was taken to this fantastic little café that is apart of the cinemas called Princess Café. One word…delicious. And to make it even better they have gluten free!! (To go along with the perfect date, Mr.Perfect called ahead to make sure they had gluten free food for Ms.Princess.) The Panini’s are to die for. I ordered the Yamwich Panini and he ordered the Gourmet Cheese and Onion Panini (for some reason the Yamwich Panini isn’t listed on the websites menu). I highly, highly recommend trying the Gourmet Cheese and Onion Panini it literally melted in my mouth. To top off the amazing Panini’s, the soup was also the most delicious soup I’ve had in a long time. Homemade, fresh, Roasted Red Pepper soup, yum. So what makes this date even better? (Well you know me and my love for a good deal, right?!) They have a deal for $19.99 each you get dinner and a movie. Dinner includes a Panini, salad/soup, dessert and a drink (yes they have gluten free desserts!) as well as the movie. And speaking of the movie, don’t think you’re watching a movie at a lame, chain movie theater like the Galaxy. No, no you get to watch a movie in a quaint, old, unique movie theatre (Princess Cinemas) that for some reason can make any movie just that much better.

Mmmm Gourmet Cheese and Onion Panini.
Mmmm Gourmet Cheese and Onion Panini.
Delicious Gluten Free Yamwich Panini.
Delicious Gluten Free Yamwich Panini.
lights 4
Roasted Red Pepper Soup, amazing.

I just have to add this picture of the neat cups we got our tea in at dinner. The hangover mug, with two handles, how funny is that!? Also, when are you ever going to get a mug that says big hug mug at Kelsey’s or East Side Mario’s, oh yeah, you won’t. What makes you smile more then drinking tea out of a mug that says big hug mug!?


So now that all of your mouths are watering from staring at those delicious Panini’s, lets talk lighting. Lighting is so important in a house or condo, it can make or break an entire room. Yes you can go to Home Hardware and buy the typical boring lamp that goes beside your bed, but why? (Oh I know why, because they’re cheap, but FYI they also LOOK cheap.) Do you really want your bedroom or living room to look ugly? Didn’t think so. So hunt for some cool lights. Lights are something that as long as you search for a good deal, you can switch up after a couple of years and change the whole look of a room. For my bedroom I wanted classy but simple. I found exactly what I wanted at Ikea (on sale of course a month or two ago). The base is just clear glass with a white shade (the only picture I could find online isn’t a white shade, and I really don’t feel like digging through the basement and finding the lamps and unwrapping them…so I apologize for this, but you get the idea). I bought two, one for each bedside table. Next I needed a lamp for my living room, I wanted classy but a bit of colour. I found this absolutely perfect robins egg blue lamp with a white shade at Homesense on sale for $42. Forty Two Dollars…WHAT!? These lamps are usually $80+ so this was a complete steal if I do say so. Hunt for deals, you don’t need that new lamp right now, this second. So search around, check out Ikea, and Homesense and Wicker Emporium. You can pay the same price on a beautiful, unique lamp as you will by not searching around and buying the first one you see at Wal Mart (yuck).



Men, get out there and bring your girlfriend or wife on a nice date (nothing beats being brought on a date and not having to plan a THING, don’t ask your girlfriends or wives what they want to do tonight, or this weekend, just tell them you’ve got it covered). And ladies, get out there and start hunting for new lighting, I’m telling you it can make your entire room.

every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

-tal xo


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