Do What You Love…Such as Shopping.

There are a couple times of the year, that are my absolute favourite. It has nothing to do with the weather, nothing to do with holidays, not even anything to do with what produce is fresh and growing locally…it has everything to do with sales. At the end of seasons, there are so many sales. Everywhere. Stores need to get rid of one seasons clothes in order to make room for the next. You usually have about two weeks to get in on these sales. The second week of August is the perfect time to shop for summer sales. Every summer piece of clothing is on sale because they are bringing in the back to school fall clothes. And lets be serious, you wear summer clothes almost into October and I can guarantee most of you will wear them again next summer…so why not buy summer clothes in August if it means getting them on sale?

Guess that means I better shop...a lot!
If you love to shop…do it.

So of course, I couldn’t just sit here and dream about all the sales…I got my butt out there, drove to Milton and bought the sales. I’ve told you once, and I’m going to tell you again, drive to the Toronto Premium Outlets asap. The Gap was FULL of sales. And not just minor sales; big, huge, amazing, super sales! These tanks are the softest most comfortable tank tops I have ever worn, they were regular $20 and on sale for $3.50. Yes you read that number right, three dollars and fifty cents for an amazing tank top. So I bought 5. I needed one of every colour for that price. (Tip of the day, if you have CAA you get an extra 10% off at the Gap outlets.) The shorts were regular $40 and I got them for $8. This entire super cute outfit cost me $11.50.


I also needed (or well…maybe just wanted…) a new pair of cute summer jeans, I LOVE Gap pants, they’re always so comfortable and a really nice quality. These cute rolled up pants (which everyone should have a pair of rolled up jeans, they look so cute with a bright summer top and flip flops) were regular $70 on sale for $30. And of course, that’s another one of the $3.50 tanks. Not only do these clothes look good, but they are great quality and feel fantastic.


So while shopping for clothes sales, I realized I needed to look for condo purchases. (I feel better about buying new clothes, if I buy purposeful condo accessories as well.) I happened to notice the Royal Doulton store. My eyes opened wider…and I got real excited. If all these clothes are on sale, does that mean amazing dish sets will also be on sale? And oh yes…I found my dishes, on sale. I had seen a dish set I really liked from Royal Doulton previously but was not willing to pay $350 for them. Well…it was my day. I bought these dishes with tax for $143. Amaaazing. Best condo deal yet! And to top it all off, the dishes (although I bought them in white) also came in robins egg blue, the accent colour of my whole condo, why is this so exciting if I bought them in white? Because now I can buy casserole dishes, pasta bowls, platters etc. to match my dishes but in a beautiful accent colour. Although the robins egg blue dishes would have been very pretty, white is such a classy colour for dishes that it will stay in style a lot longer. When you’re investing in something like quality dishes, it’s important to think future and what will stay in style the longest.



If I have not convinced you yet to take a trip to the Toronto Premium Outlets, I hope I have now. Remember your CAA card for The Gap and Banana Republic, & stop into the information center in the food court and when you show your CAA card you get a free coupon book with some great extra deals.

Do more of what makes you happy.

-tal xo




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