Never Judge a Book by its Cover…or a Restaurant.

While out touring around the Thornbury area yesterday, my mom, sister and I decided to drive around and find something fun to do. So that’s exactly what we did.

We started out by stumbling upon a winery (and by stumbling upon, I mean googling the address, putting it in the GPS and driving there since my sister had gone to this winery multiple times. And to think everyone says I’M the one who likes wine.) And boy did they have tastey wines. It’s called Georgian Hills Vineyards every single wine that we tried, we loved. It’s a cute little winery in the Thornbury area, if you’re up in Owen Sound, Thornbury, Collingwood, you should really check it out.


Our favourite was the dessert wine, Ida Red 2011. And mostly why it was my favourite was because as the lady was giving us a tasting she said, the best part about this wine, is you can have gluten free dessert!! (I liked her right then and there.) She said it’s so hard to find yummy gluten free desserts, so instead have cheese and dessert wine. Many people have tried Ice Wine and some either love it or hate it. I hate it. So I was expecting this to be the same, but it was instead so delicious. It also is not near the price of ice wine, the bottle was only $20. What a great thing to have at the house when company is over, or to give as a gift when you’re going to someone’s house for dinner.


Next up, my favourite part of the entire day. The lady at the winery told us we had to drive up the road and stop at the general store in the next town. We needed lunch, so we decided to check it out. And boy are we glad we did. Had no one of suggested we go to this store, we never would have stopped. It looks like a little hole in the wall store, that sells ice cream and nothing else. But like people say, never ever judge a book by its cover. Ravenna Country Market is AMAZING.


They had an entire case of fudge. Homemade, fresh, gluten free fudge. And the owner asked if we would like a sample, we didn’t realize at the time that “a sample” meant about a pound each of fudge. (Let’s just say my tummy was a little sore from so much free fudge). There were so many delicious flavours, that in the end my mom bought way too much fudge. Plus they had a deal, buy 1 pound of fudge get 1/2 a pound for free. And I mean come on, who doesn’t need a pound and a half of fudge? (That was a joke. NO ONE needs that much fudge. Good thing we know how to share.)


While walking around discovering so many neat things for sale in this store (ice cream, natural and organic baths and lotions, frozen homemade casseroles, meat, clothes…) we saw the little cafe in the back. They had sandwiches and soup. I had the delicious cauliflower soup and my mom and sister had a grilled sandwich which consisted of fresh roast beef, caramelized onions, goat cheese, roasted red peppers, roasted red pepper mayo, lettuce, tomato and cucumber. The food was INCREDIBLE. And to top the food off, I saw fresh chocolate milk right from the farm in a fantastic container that I knew I wanted for my condo as a vase. (How cute will that milk container without the milk look with pretty fresh flowers, amazing!) not only did I get the vase, but we also all shared delicious chocolate milk (which was 3.5% so actually tasted like a better than anywhere milkshake).



Lastly, as we were getting ready to leave…my new best friend (the owner of the store, who I chatted with the entire time I was there) told us because we were first timers we all got a free butter tart. (Which of course were not gluten free but I knew someone back at the cottage would have no problem eating my tart). Mom and Kaileigh both said they were the most delicious tarts ever.



And of course, I can’t leave you guys hanging with absolutely no fashion in a post. Our family was going to the Sauble Speedway to end off our holidays. If you’ve never been you must try it out, it is such a fun, summer family outing. But you can’t just wear boring clothes, can you? Of course not! White pants are so key in summer. Pair white pants (from J.Crew of course) with any bright shirt or sweater. This sweater I bought at C.Wonder which is a store in the states. It was regular $98 and I bought it for $20. It was on the clearance rack and they only had larges left, so of course I did what I do best. Made a way to make the large sweater look good. I tried it on, with a white tank underneath and pulled the shoulder to the side. It’s now a loose, off the shoulder sweater…totally not what it was designed to be.


You’ll always find normal & typical food in chain restaurants but you will never find amazing, different, unique food. Be different…dine in the hole in the wall, never heard of before, restaurant. Wear clothes how you want to wear them, not how they were designed to be worn. Be you, be different, be daring. (No one said wearing white pants to a racetrack was a good idea, but I did it anyways!)

“If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world.” – Sister Elaine S. Dalton

-tal xo


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