Happy Thoughts Make for a Happy Heart

After an amazing yoga class the other night that I took with my friend who’s going to me a Mrs. in just over a week (so exciting!!!!), the yoga teacher said something that really stuck. She told us to see the light in everyone. When meeting people, talking to people, being around people, see the positive light in them. Don’t focus on the negative, because everyone somewhere has a light and that is what is important. I thought this was such a good way of looking at things, why care about what is wrong with someone when you can care so much about what is so great about a person. Even if you don’t really know them that well, or maybe if you know them too well, you can always see the light. Although many of us hear the word Namaste quite often, a lot of us don’t actually know what it means. And it has such meaningful words behind it.


With this being said, go out into the world today, tomorrow and always looking for the light. There is always light in everything, sometimes it’s just harder to find then other times. But it is there. And always, always remember…the light in one person can be very different then the light in someone else. There is no need to compare you to others, or others to you. You are you. Be you. Enjoy you.

Now with that being said, we can always look at the positive in food, right!? I always see light in food. This recipe was actually created by a male friend who has decided to go gluten free (WOOO!!!). He sent me a picture of it last night and I knew I had to share on my blog because not only will girls like it but guys will as well. Mango Salsa. Eat this salsa with nacho chips, as a side salad to a meal, add it to a sandwich…you can do many,  many things with this salsa.

Mango Salsa



-dash of sea salt
-lime juice

Directions: Slice all ingredients into small squares. Mix together. Add lime juice, a dash of salt and done.

Ok was that easy or was that easy? You can make a small amount of this salsa just as a side for dinner or make a large amount to bring to a party for an appetizer. Easy and delicious, try it out!!

As for the condo shopping, it is coming along very nicely. I have been an insane Pinterest and Instagrammer, finding pictures of everything I like. I came across this picture on Jillian Harris’ Instagram (remember her, she was the Canadian who made it to almost the end of the one Bachelor season and then became the next Bachelorette, she was a big deal!). Anyways, she is an interior designer and I LOVE what she creates. This picture is so simple, yet so elegant and I want my bathroom to be very similar. Simple flowers, simple colour, simple elegance. Now if anyone finds an old eye exam like this one let me know because I would love to do something like this with an old hanger as wall art.


There you have it, you have three jobs to do. See the light in everyone you meet, make delicious mango salsa (men I expect you to as well), and find me an old eye exam poster.

Be happy. See the light. And most importantly, love life.
Be happy. See the light. Drink Starbucks. And most importantly, Enjoy Life.

“I hope you know that you are important, important beyond comparison, and that you can make someone’s day or break it, that we are all just trying to get through, and our brave souls go out into this world everyday and we do the best we can.” – Jericho Rell

-tal xo

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