Condo Deals & Lunch Meals

For starters, if you read my blog on a computer I have recently updated my site. To make things simpler you can now go to the “About” section (top of the page, under the heading) and once in that section you can search for past posts if you’re looking for a recipe. As for reading it on your mobile, not much has changed (for some odd reason it looks and functions a lot better on a computer than mobile device, I apologize for this). Hope you enjoy the new look!

Now onto what matters, we’ve covered yoga, we’ve covered summer dresses, but recently I haven’t covered anything regarding the condo shopping. Well let me tell you. I went shopping the other day to buy my mom a birthday gift, and while I was out I saw Starbucks…I quite enjoy Starbucks (like I mean a lot). So I figured I had some extra time to stop and get a latte. While I was there I thought I’d check out the indigo section and see if there was any neat decorations for my mom. Well let’s just say my moms birthday present got put on the back burner when I saw everything robins egg blue. It was condo shopping time!!!

It started when I saw candles. I’m a sucker for candles. I love walking into someone’s home and smelling candles. It makes it so welcoming. But my problem with candles, they can look so ugly. I want my condo to be warm & designer looking, so the big candles from Bath and Body just aren’t going to cut it. The candles I spotted were in fantastic blue glass jars that I loved. And they smelled amazing. Bathroom. They will be perfect in my bathroom I thought. And on sale!!! So I bought two.


Next I saw white glass “things”. I don’t know what they are, what the real purpose for them is but I loved them. They’re an off white, antique looking glass jar. They will look perfect filled with flowers either in my living room or one on each bed side table. I am totally digging the rustic antique look but in a contemporary way. They were on sale for $5 each, sold.


Lastly my absolute favourite purchase, bowls. I am planning on buying white dishes because well I love white dishes. They’re classy and will stay in style a lot longer than some ugly pattern. I like simple and classy, not busy and tacky. BUT with that being said, having all white dishes can be a little boring. So I wanted 4 blue bowls. I’ve been looking everywhere and everything I find I either don’t like, or they’re too expensive. ($20 PER bowl? You’re joking me right? What if someone breaks a bowl? 20 bucks in the garbage. Ya not happening.) I saw these bowls and fell in love. They look and feel like pottery but are microwave and dishwasher safe (who hand washes dishes these days, not me). I was scared to look at the price. I loved them and wanted them so bad, but didn’t see a sale sign… Until… Oh yes!!! ON SALE!!! For $6 each. I could handle that. 4 beautiful bowls for $24, done.



Now with my new place I expect to have visitors, or atleast I can hope to have visitors. So what can I make them for lunch? Well the other day I was playing around with food and came up with a delicious and healthy lunch idea.

Tuna Lettuce Wraps


-1 can tuna
-two large pieces of ice berg lettuce
-1 tbsp of Dijon mustard
-green onion
-fresh beet

Directions: chop celery and green onions into tiny pieces. Mix tuna, mustard, celery, green onions, sea salt and pepper together. Lay lettuce out and scoop tuna mixture on. Top with tomatoes and beets. Wrap & eat.

Quick and easy lunch that requires no stove and no mess!


Also, it’s Mamma Bear Estelle’s birthday today so I just have to give her a birthday shout out on the blog. Last night we had a little fam jam dinner to celebrate, if you’re looking for a yummy restaurant check out the Drayton Chop house…one word, delicious. Although there is no actual gluten free section on the menu there are still lots of options with no gluten. Men, you would LOVE their steak and schnitzel. (Personally I don’t know how delish the schnitzel is because its covered in gluten, but my fam loves it.)

In the future, check out stores and restaurants that you would never think to check out before. Who knew Indigo would have the bowls I’ve been looking everywhere for and on sale. You just never know where you’re going to find what you’re looking for.

Sometimes you find what you are looking for, when you least expect it.

-tal xo


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