Yoga…Where to Begin.

I’ve started to realize that a big reason people are scared to try hot yoga is because they don’t know what to bring, what to wear, what to eat, etc etc. So I thought I would write a post on all of these questions, because if I can convince even five of my readers to start hot yoga I would be one happy camper. (Speaking of camper, you can even do yoga while camping this summer, just bring your mat!)


To start let’s begin with what to eat before yoga. Keep in mind, these are all my personal thoughts and I am no yoga teacher, it’s just what helps me feel best while practicing. If you’re going to yoga in the morning, I like to enjoy a nice yummy healthy breakfast to get my day started. Although with that being said, I don’t like eating this big of a breakfast right before yoga. I would only eat this if I have atleast an hour between eating and yoga.

Yoga Breaky

Yummy yummy.
Yummy yummy.

-2 hard boiled eggs
-1 piece of toasted gluten free bread
-1 piece of fruit (any fruit you’ve bought from the market this week)
-glass of water (BIG glass of water!)

Directions: boil 2 eggs; cover eggs with water in pot and boil for 17 minutes. Toast bread and slice fruit. Add a little sea salt and pepper to your eggs, pour a glass of water (or better yet drink your warm lemon water) and tada!!

Well wasn’t that easy? And to make this meal even simpler, boil a couple days worth of eggs at night before bed and put them in the fridge. This way you don’t have to spend 17 minutes every morning boiling them. If you have minimal time before yoga and don’t want to eat this much, try eating just one boiled egg in the car ride to yoga along with a bottle of water. If you’re going to yoga after work grab a gluten free (healthy) granola bar and if you’re going at night, make sure you have a good amount of time between eating dinner and taking a class. You never want to be too full. But the key is WATER. Drink a lot of water before every class.

Next up, what to wear. We’ll start with the girls attire. One word: Lululemon. Anything lulu is PERFECT for hot yoga. It sucks up the sweat, is so flexable and well of course, looks great!! I suggest looking online at the We Made Too Much section, Lulu’s shorts quite often go on sale. Personally I love the tight shorts for yoga, loose shorts can be a pain while doing certain poses. Any Lulu top that has a built in bra, the last thing you want is a sports bra AND a shirt, way too much clothing going on for such a hot place. And lastly, have fun with your outfit! This is the place where you can wear all kinds of bright colours, exciting prints, whatever you want that makes you smile. Throw on a head band (or atleast something to keep your bangs out of your face) and you’re good to go. Best part about yoga, no shoes needed!!

Black tight lulu shorts & a simple blue lulu shirt.
Black tight lulu shorts & a simple blue lulu shirt.
LOVE these bright pink lulu capris, and a super comfy blank lulu tank.
LOVE these bright pink lulu capris, and a super comfy blank lulu tank. Ps I LOVE built in bras, nothing beats not having to wear a bra. The best.

Now for men. If you’re comfortable without wearing a shirt, I’ve heard that this is the best option because you will sweat so much (even more than us girls will). Next, the pace break short from Lulu.  Such an amazing pair of shorts that have a liner underneath so when you put your legs up in the sky, or decide to do a head stand, your male parts won’t be hanging out in places you don’t want them to be hanging out (unless you want that cute girl to ask you on a date…). And that’s it. Easy or easy? (I mean your outfit, not the girl behind you geez.)


annnnd a picture for us ladies...nice bum, I mean shorts, eh?
annnnd a picture for us ladies…nice bum, I mean shorts, eh?

When it comes to the mat, yes you need a yoga mat or you can rent one from the yoga studio. But if you’re going to go to yoga multiple times, it’s smarter budget wise to buy your own. You can get some nice mat’s for decent prices at Winners. As well you’ll need some kind of towel for your mat. When you sweat a lot your mat will start to get real slippery, the yoga towel will soak up your sweat and let you continue on with your practice. You can either use a large bath towel, or a yoga towel. Yoga towels can be found at either Lulu(please make sure to buy it on sale) or once again, Winners. Grab a water bottle, and you’re good to go

Ahhh my yoga mat. Best place to be.
Ahhh my yoga mat. Best place to be.

Easy right? So where to go? Well let me tell you about some of my favourite yoga studios. If you live in the Waterloo area,  Moksha Yoga on Erb St. in Waterloo is a great studio. If you’re in the Toronto area, Power Yoga Canada is absolutely AMAZING. They have studios in Etobicoke, Oakville, Mississauga, Oshawa and Leaside. As well they have studios in St.Catharines and Muskoka. I am sure there are many more great hot yoga studios but these are the ones that I love and recommend. And lastly, remember to always ask about intro specials at yoga studios. Quite often they will have a great special that gives you unlimited yoga for a month for something like $40. Believe me, this is an incredible deal compared to the regular cost.

So what’s you’re excuse now? You know what to eat, what to wear and what to bring. See you on your mat. Namaste.

“Changing the world begins with the very personal process of changing yourself, the only place you can begin is where you are, and the only time you can begin is always now.” – Gary Zukav

-tal xo



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