Off to the Market I go…

Yoga. How can I explain how much love I have for hot yoga? I LOVE it. For so many different reasons. Not only is it a fantastic work out, but it is the best therapy, you leave feeling absolutely amazing and ready to take on the world. Last year while I lived in Toronto with some incredible people, who introduced me to hot yoga years ago, I had an unlimited yoga pass to Power Yoga Canada. And I got so addicted. While crazy busy with placement, studying, life in general, I always always made time for yoga because it was the one thing in my life that made me feel so happy and content with myself.

Mmmhmm. Exactly.
Mmmhmm. Exactly.

During class last night the teacher told us right from the beginning to “be here in the moment, forget everything else, and be here”. So I did. I focused everything on those 60 minutes of feeling content and calm. And I realized something, that quote should be what everyone lives by. Why worry about the future? It isn’t here yet. Why worry about the past? It’s gone. Be here; in the moment. Live life for today and feel calm and focused doing so. And then she finished the class with words I won’t forget, “know that you are perfect, right here, right now”. Keep this in mind when you’re striving for the impossible, no matter what, you’re perfect just the way you are, wherever you are.

After yoga I love making a delicious smoothie. The best part about summer yoga, is I get to make smoothies with fresh and local produce. We have a market called St.Jacobs Farmers’ Market with all the fruit and veggies anyone could ask for. If you live even relatively close to St.Jacobs, you must start making trips to pick up your fruit and veggies there. And if you don’t, go on a hunt to find a local market, or at the very least a road side stand.

Deliousness. Fresh, local, and totally affordable.
Deliousness. Fresh, local, and totally affordable.
Fruit and Veggie heaven.
Fruit and Veggie heaven.

Do you see all that fruit?!? How incredible is that. I smile just looking at that picture. And lets be serious, you didn’t think I could go to the market in shorts and an old t-shirt, did you? No. So I threw on a pair of cute bright pink J.Crew shorts (which I got on sale, regular $49 and I bought them for $14. Sweet deal). Added a black tank, speaking of which, who owns a tank from Dynamite? They’re the BEST. So comfy, last a lifetime, and fit perfectly and of course are a super good deal. I think they’re something like $10, and they have deals all the time 2 for $16. (At least the prices are something like that I think, I have about 15 in my closet but haven’t bought them in awhile.) Added a cute hat and my fav pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses and the outfit was complete. Took me about .2 seconds to come up with this outfit, so there is NO excuse for looking bad in summer! My apologies for the lack of full outfit picture, I totally forgot to snap one.

And with all that fruit, it’s time to make a smoothie. Really you can add just about anything into a smoothie, I’ve posted another recipe in the past and I will post one today but keep in mind you can add whatever you would like! As well, if it’s a meal replacement add some kind of protein like hemp seeds, almond butter or peanut butter. (When I was thinking about what kind of smoothie I felt like, my guy friend suggested this one, now if only I could get him as hooked on yoga as he is to yummy smoothies.)

Banana Apple Smoothie


-1 apple cored
-1 banana
-handful of kale
-1 cup of almond milk
-1 cup of ice

All the yummy, fresh ingredients.
All the yummy, fresh ingredients.

Directions: add all items to blender, mix. (Make sure to mix long enough that the kale isn’t still in big junks.)

If you haven’t tried hot yoga before, DO IT. And for all you boys or sorry, men reading my blog…you have NO excuse not to go to hot yoga. No it’s not only for girls, you would be surprised at how many athletic men go to yoga. Plus, come on, a room full of young, fit women in minimal Lululemon clothing, why again aren’t you going? That’s what I thought. Namaste.

“There is no need of any competition with anybody. You are yourself, and as you are, you are perfectly good. Accept yourself.” – Osho

-tal xo



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