Let’s be serious, who doesn’t love an amazing sale at J.Crew? Or for that matter at any high end fashion store. When I see a sale sign walking into a store my heart starts to flutter…..instead of thinking “how much am I going to spend?” I think “how much can I save!?” (If any of you actually could see just how excited I get, I would be slightly embarrassed.)
Fashion is all about putting together good quality, in style pieces to create an outfit that looks like you’ve spent $500 (when you actually only spent $50!) Now now let’s stop for a second before we get ahead of ourselves, there is a BIG difference between creating an outfit worth $50 and an outfit that costs $50. A fashionable, quality outfit costs you $50 and is worth $200… It’s called SALES!!!! And this…this is what my entire life is about when it comes to fashion. Looking amazing in expensive clothes but only spending a small amount. (Cause lets be serious although I may not make a lot I still need to look good or those Kindies of mine will totally judge my outfits.)
The pink sweater I have on has a tag price of $85, I paid $19. The amazing army green toothpick jeans I am wearing in the picture to the right, had a $95 price tag and I paid $16 and lastly the super cute stripped (you can never I mean never go wrong with a stripped top) had a price tag of $45 and I paid $8.50. Yes I am serious, I paid $8.50 for a shirt from J.Crew. Now I hope for any of you people reading this, you never ever go into J.Crew and pay full price for any item ever again. It’s called patience, hold your horses and your absolute favourite cardigan that JUST arrived will eventually go on sale. Wait. I’m telling you, wait. You will feel so amazing walking out of the store knowing you saved $40 on one item.

Btw.... That pink sweater is a size XL and is supposed to be worn tight...I liked the baggy look better.
Btw…. That pink sweater is a size XL and is supposed to be worn tight…I liked the baggy look better.

Now I have a question for you. Once you’re done finding deals in J.Crew and you’re walking through the mall and your stomach is making noises at you, what do you do? Oh please no…please don’t tell me you stop at the food court. Not that scary, dark place called a food court where everything in sight could sit on the shelves for two months and not grow one inch of mould. Not to mention for any of you fellow gluten free friends a food court has very little to offer (and this is why being gluten free rocks!!) Are many of you wondering how possibly being gluten free can rock in any way shape or form? Because we are forced to not eat processed crap! Instead here is my suggestion, be ORGANIZED. Plan ahead, go to the mall on a full stomach and if that’s not possible, pack snacks. Here are my travel snacks in which one of the below must always be in my purse:

– gluten free (healthy) granola bar (lots of choices at Costco)

– gluten free homemade muffin

– zip lock bag of trail mix

These three items are so very important. No they are not a meal replacement but they can tie you over until you can either get home to make a yummy delicious gluten free lunch or until you can find a cute little cafe with healthy, unprocessed options.

So if you take anything away from reading this post it’s that of two things; please never ever buy anything not on sale and always, always travel with healthy snacks.

-tal xo


2 thoughts on “SALE SALE SALE!

  1. My go to item for leaving the house to take with me is water! Especially for shopping. I always get thirsty, and I truly HATE paying for water!! Can’t wait to read more!! :). Xxoo

    1. Yes, yes, yes I couldn’t agree more. It is such a huge waste of money, plus a lot of times when you think you’re hungry you’re actually just dehydrated! P.S. do you get as excited as I do when your water bottle is empty and you find a water fountain!? Ahhhh yes free way to fill up the water bottle!

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